How to book

It really couldn’t be simpler to place your order.
Urgent requirement? Call us
Telephone our office  020 3150 1219 or our 24 hour helpline on 07754 081981
Advance bookings
Either complete the booking form with your details and requirements or email
In the meantime
Arrange parking. We need 2 parking spaces directly in line with the
access point. If the machine is to be parked on the highway, you will need to obtain a parking dispensation from your local council. You will need to request suspension of 2 parking spaces for the purpose of domestic removals. You do NOT need a crane licence, as the machine is NOT a crane.
Details confirmed
Once the correct machine, the date and time of your hire are agreed, we will send you an email containing the hire contract.  You simply need to check that we have the correct details, sign and return the contract as confirmation. 

We arrive
At the agreed time we will arrive and, once set up (Usually within 15 minutes), your team can get on with the job!

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