Choosing a Machine

To ensure we supply you with the right equipment, we will need the following information.


What do you need to lift? Do you know the approximate weight?


How high do you need to reach? How many floors?

Access Point

The access point is the point where the items will be offloaded. What is beneath/below this point? Do we have to reach over anything? (Footpath, garage)


What is the route to the access point? Is the route wide enough and high enough to allow the machine through?

Set Up Area

Is there sufficient space to set the machine up safely? Will the machine be working from the roadway?


Is the area where the machine will be working reasonably level and firm?


Are there any boundary walls, steps, trees, power cables or street furniture around the working area that would prevent the machine from setting up or interfere with the safety of the operation?


If you have any doubts send us a photograph that shows the area and we can advise you. Simply send your photo to us by email and we will assess the situation.

Site Survey

If there are still doubts we can carry out a site survey for you, simply call us on 020 3150 1219 or 07754 081981 for advice or to arrange a survey. Alternatively email your details to and we will get right back to you.

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