In its closed position, the load carrier is a secure container for smaller objects.

Closed load carrier dimensions:
1.12 Metres wide
0.81 Metres deep
0.47 Metres high

Shown here in its open position the load carrier provides a large surface area suitable for bulky items.

Open size 2.07 metres wide x 1.60 metres deep

Soft rubber wheels at the masthead ensure no damage to the building.

The width of the masthead wheels can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of different openings.

The base extension to the mast provides low level loading and unloading of the load carrier

At 2.36 Metres x 2.06 Metres in operating mode, the 18 Metre trailer unit requires minimal set up space.

Total footprint of the vehicle in operating mode is 3.3 metres wide x 5.7 metres long.

The compact travel dimensions of the trailer unit make it ideal for use in streets and courtyards and at less than 2 metres high it will easily pass through a standard arch.

Travel height - 1.89 Metres
Travel width - 1.36 Metres
Travel length - 5.32 Metres

With 360° rotation of the mast, the vehicle mounted units can be set up to work over the side or the front of the vehicle and therefore occupy the smallest area while still providing full operating facility.

The maximum load capacity of 400Kg of the vehicle unit is available to 10 metres high and thereafter reduces to 300Kg (Still enough for a baby Grand Piano or 3 fridge freezers!) and this is achieved with a smooth and consistent hoisting speed of 45 metres per minute.

All vehicle units have a 3-metre long mast extension to enable low level loading and when at the top the load carrier rotates and retracts into the building. This is essential to ensure that the load is never over ‘clear space’

Mounted on short wheelbase 3.5-ton chassis with the latest Euro 5 emission control engines, the vehicle-mounted units are extremely versatile in any environment.

All of our machines incorporate a number of safety devices and are all fully tested, certified and insured.

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