Trailer Mounted

Furniture lifting in London - The Furniture Hoist CompanyOur range of trailer-mounted elevators can provide lifting heights up to 18 metres (6/7 floors).

The compact size of the trailer-mounted unit enables it to be used in areas where vehicles may not be able to gain access.

Our smallest trailer unit the ‘Easy’ is ideally suited for work in and around alleyways, side streets, and areas with restricted access.

The maximum working load  of 250Kg will enable the safe moving of most household and domestic items. In addition, the narrow travel width enables it to access through gaps as narrow as 1.36 metres to work within many enclosed courtyards and garden areas.

The ‘Easy’ trailer unit is quick to deploy, install and reposition, if required, as work progresses and its compact size when operating makes it easy to work around.

Removal from site at the end of the work period ensures no congestion or obstruction once work is completed.
Towed to site, the trailer unit can be ready to work within 15 minutes of arrival, and with an elevation lift speed of 40 metres per minute, you can achieve significant productivity.

Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments the furniture hoist will prove a highly cost effective alternative to mobile cranes or scaffolding for smaller loads.

The mast can be positioned at angles between 35°and 80° from horizontal.
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