Hiring a Furniture Elevator

  • What can you lift

    Our elevator hoists are used for lifting an amazingly wide range of items from furniture to roof tiles, grandfather clocks and baths to plasterboard and sheet materials. Removal companies, Building and renovation companies, Roof gardeners. Glass, Air-Conditioning, Plasterboard, Doors and windows, Furniture and white goods, even trees. The list of applications just keeps on growing.

  • How high

    At present our largest unit will lift loads to a maximum height of 27 metres (Approximately 9 storeys), although this height can vary if we have to reach across obstacles.

  • What about difficult shapes

    The furniture hoist load carrier can be opened out from its standard ‘box’ shape to create a large flat area enabling large and bulky items to be carried. In its closed configuration it provides an open top box into which you can place smaller items.

  • How much space do you need

    Furniture hoists are available in a number of different sizes. Our smallest, trailer mounted unit occupies a ground area of 2.36 metres x 2.06 metres. While our vehicle mounted units require a space 5.7 metres long and 3.5 metres wide. The machine has to be placed beneath the access point on the building.

  • What is the ‘Access Point’

    The access point is the point on the building that we have to reach and from where the items will be added to or removed from the load carrier.

  • My ‘Access Point’ is down an alley/In a courtyard

    Don’t worry! Our trailer-mounted units, some of which are less than 1.4 metres wide, are great at getting into these confined spaces. If you have any doubts we can attend site to provide help and advice.

  • Location and position, is it safe

    Should you have any doubt as to the suitability and required position of the elevator, call us to discuss your requirements in detail. A clear photograph or sketch may assist us in assessing the property without the need for a full site visit.

  • How long does it take to set up

    If your set up position is straightforward, is clear of obstructions and there are no unexpected difficulties, we would usually be ready for the first lift within 15 minutes of arrival on site.

  • Do you have parking restrictions

    Where the elevator is required to be positioned in areas where there are parking restrictions, or on the public highway, it is the hirer’s (The Customer’s) responsibility to arrange for the relevant permission required from the authorities concerned. The permission may be granted in the form of a dispensation or suspension order, or possibly a partial road closure – depending on the location concerned. It should be taken into account that in some situations the above orders can apply to both sides of a public highway to allow the traffic to flow freely and enable the operation to be carried out safely. Most local authorities will require between 7 and 10 WORKING days notice of requirement.


    When booking Parking Suspension our equipment is an elevator on a trailer or a small (3.5 tonne) truck. It is not a crane or a cherry picker. We recommend two parking bays – directly below the window or balcony, to be suspended. Any penalties incurred as a result of parking arrangements/obligations being neglected will be passed onto the hirer at cost plus an administration fee.

  • How much does it cost

    The actual prices vary depending upon the specific machine required for your job and the location. All prices include our trained operator and are subject to VAT.

  • How do I pay?

    Residential customers or those not holding a credit account with us will be required to pay with a credit or debit card on the day of the hire. All charges and costs are subject to VAT.

  • What happens if I cancel my order

    If you need to cancel your order once the contract has been agreed, the following will apply:
    a) Cancellation up to 12.00 on the working day preceding the hire there will be NO CHARGE.
    b) Cancellation after 12.00 on the working day prior to the hire 33% of hire charge is payable.
    c) Cancellation on the day of hire as scheduled, 100% of the hire charge is payable. HOWEVER, if the equipment is immediately rebooked for an alternative date the cancellation charge will be reduced to 50%.
    d) The full hire charge applies if upon arrival, elevator cannot be used for the purpose for which it was hired.

    Whilst we make every effort to meet the Customer’s requested start times, we cannot be held responsible for delays occasioned by traffic problems, previous job overruns or any other circumstances beyond our control. If we are delayed for any reason, our operator will call you to keep you advised.


    Our definition of “hire charge” includes any agreed transport charges and VAT.

  • What industries can we supply

    You name it!
    Any person, industry or commercial sector that requires the ability to lift a load can benefit by using the furniture hoist.

    Domestic and commercial removal companies.
    Office movers.
    Builders. and roofers
    Air conditioning, heating and ventilation companies.
    Building renovation companies.
    Office and residential fit out.
    Furniture retailers.
    White goods and appliance suppliers.
    Kitchen or bathroom designers and installers.
    Landlords and building management companies.
    Glaziers and window fitters.
    Landscape gardeners.
    Telecommunication companies.
    Private individuals.

    So If you need help to lift a bath in Battersea, doors in Dorchester, plasterboard in Plymouth, removals in Reigate or a sofa in Solihull, join the increasing number of people that have realised the benefits of using an external elevator from the Furniture Hoist Company.

    If you have a question that we have not answered, please contact us by email at hire@furniturehoists.co.uk , by completing our contact form or telephone us on 0203 633 7595


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